Practical Training (Internship)

The Practical Training (P.T.) / Internship is an educational activity of the undergraduate studies program of the Department of Mechanical Engineering. It is integrated in the 9th standard semester of the Department’s Curriculum and is optional. The P.T. (MM010E00) corresponds to 10 ECTS credits, as mentioned in the Guide and the Curriculum, and lasts two (2) months. The duration and the Internship’s host organization (corporation or other) are stated in the Annex of the Diploma awarded by the Department. After the completion of the P.T., students write an essay concerning the activity of the training, and a relevant certificate of completion is provided to them. The P.T. is mentioned in the Annex of the Diploma, including the corresponding ECTS points, that are however not taken into account in the calculation of the final grade of the Diploma.



The students following the old Technological Institution program of studies, after the end of the theoretical and laboratory courses, are required to have a six-month Internship (Practical Training, P.T.). The six-month P.T. is conducted after the last semester of study and after the student has successfully attended 2/3 of all courses.

Through the P.T., students combine the theoretical and laboratory knowledge they acquire during their studies with the various issues encountered in production sites, they understand the structure and operation of production units and the factors that affect working conditions, and they actively participate in production processes and methods. The P.T. is organized and supervised by the Department.

This profession training is conducted in institutionalized positions of the public sector, in private sector corporations but also in Educational Institutions, and is remunerated according to the existing provisions.


Specialization Courses for Internship (Practical Training)

For the effective realization of the P.T. the student must have successfully attended six (6) of the specialization courses.

Practical Training (Internship) instructions for students following the old Technological Institution course of studies

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