The Energy Division

The Energy Division of the Mechanical Engineering Department, having timely foreseen the need for addressing the severe energy and environmental problems at both the national and the global level, has over the last decade proceeded to a series of actions with the aim to advance education and research in the energy sector.

Today, the Energy Division focuses in the subjects of heat, fluid mechanics, thermal engines and turbomachinery, utilization of renewable (soft) energy sources, protection of the environment, measurements’ technology, and techno-economic investment appraisal.

Following the recent upgrade of the curriculum of the department, adequacy of the scientific, technological and professional knowledge offered to students of the Energy Division is ensured, in order to create qualified professionals of high expertise capable to work in:

  • The industrial sector
  • Small-medium enterprises
  • Consultancy firms and design offices
  • Public organizations
  • Agro-industry and agri-business sector
  • The hotel sector
  • Local authorities
  • Energy and environmental certification bodies
  • Technological education bodies


Additionally, both the high academic standards of the courses offered and the scientific and research expertise of the teaching staff of the Energy Division, strongly support graduates of the Division to continue their studies and embark on post-graduate programs.


On behalf of the Energy Division
The Head of the Division
Emilia Kondili – Professor